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Thread: Venison in Torridon

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    Venison in Torridon

    Some folks I work with are heading for Torridon in a few weeks and are interested in getting some locally sourced venison, and probably other game as well, in the area if they can during the time they are staying there. I don't know exactly where they are staying.

    Can anyone advise on where they might buy such a thing, or other locally sourced game? Also are there any eating places which take venison from local estates and the like?

    I appreciate that it is the wrong end of the year to be ideal for eating game and venison but even so it is always good to encourage anyone who takes an interest.
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    Don't know of anyone who supplies or serves locally sourced venison, but if they want a good locally sourced meal, especially fish/shellfish, you won't beat the Applecross Inn.

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    Again, don't know about venison/game supplies, but the bar next to the Torridon Hotel does good grub. Seafood Bar at Kishorn is great. Tigh an Eilan at Shiedaig is also v good. And Applecross...if you can get in!! Loch Maree hotel re-opening end of March....can't speak for it but might be worth a donder up
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    Go and see the Roddy the butcher in Lochcarron - he is also to get fishing permits for the local rivers. He has plenty of good venison and his beef is superb.

    and applecross inn also superb, applecross house also sells venison and local,produce from its farm shop. Most bizarre experience, having spent the morning fishing some of the small lochs on applecross peninsula going to the Applecross Inn for lunch with my father. Every body was glued to the telly watching some film about plane crashes. Only after several minutes did we realise it was live - date 11th sept 2001.
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