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Thread: Short trip to wayne and andys after a muntjac

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    Short trip to wayne and andys after a muntjac

    After i had to cancel last years invite to waynes at short notice due to my stalking partners work commitments we rescheduled for march this time and this time i was going to have some company for the trip up as lakey had been invited as well.
    We travelled up on saturday morning and in what seemed like no time at all we arrived at waynes without a hitch and were soon tucking into some nice bacon butties and a refreshing coffee while wayne ran us threw the plan for the evening.
    There would be six of us out in the evening as wayne had invited two more SD members to join us with a view to us getting a few muntjac to help keep the pheasant keeper happy but alas it wasnt to be our night.
    Knot even so much as a sighting of a muntjac by all six of us and wayne put it down to the wind which definately wasnt in our favour but i put it down to the boom from john robsons 7ml rem mag the week before scaring off every muntjac in hereford.
    Funnily enough one of waynes friends had also brought along an unmoderated 7ml rem mag and this got me wondering if my 25.06 was going to be enough gun for these hardy hereford muntjac and maybe i shoud have brought the 300 winnie along for the ride.
    That evening saw us back at waynes and tucking into a chinese meal washed down with a few beers and a wine or two or three just to be sociable never touch the stuff normaly while we all swapped war stories and generaly put the world to rights as you do.
    By 11 oclock waynes was starting to feel the results of popping up to the cotswold that morning for a roe doe and we decided to make the short journy to andys who had kindly offered to put us up for the night in one of his shalleys at his rather impresive fruit farm complex.
    Midnight soon came and lakey thought it was time for some shut eye while i decided with no phone signal or internet access i would do my home studie assignments to fill the time as i dont sleep much especialy when away from home and finaly rolled into bed at three and was soon up at 5 supping a coffee ready to be picked up by andy for 5.30.
    Our short journey to meet up with wayne showed it to be -2 with plenty of ice about and frost on the floor i must admit to wondering if this would affect the mornings activities, so at first light wayne and myself comenced to stalk the far side of the hill meeting up with lakey and andy who where to stalk the far end of the wood.
    Within the first five minutes we both heard a deer move swiftly threw a group of trees and then vanished but as we came to a clearing the muntjac broke cover and swiftly moved accros an open stuble field while i readied myself on the sticks incase in turned to present a shot but at about 250 yards it was evident the muntie buck was stopping for nobody.
    We moved on all of 80 yards when wayne spotted a doe comming towards us about 40 yards away up on the sticks but face on when the doe suddenly turned to her left behind some kale plants, you are going to have to be quick wayne whispered as she going to vanish BOOM and the doe stood there unscathed christ i thought a 25.06 bullet and not even so much as a flinch maybe i did need the 300.
    Thankfully though it was a clean miss what a bloody duffer i thought to myself easiest shot of the year and i had shot straight underneath but a quick reload and a more relaxed second shot dropped her on the spot RESULT.

    The rest of the stalk was unsucsesful but i was made up anyway as i get a real buzz stalking these pretty little deer and arriving back at the truck we were soon joined by andy and lakey who hadnt been so lucky only having had a brief sighting and i think the sudden drop in temperature from the nice weather leading up to the weekend definatly had a bearing on the lack of sightings.
    Back at waynes we said our fairwells and were soon back at home but i wasnt prepaired to call it a day just yet and was straight back in the truck and soon having a cracking stalk into a roe doe before deciding to finnish the evening off with a fallow.

    Unbeknown to me lakey had decided to do the same thing and had managed to bag himself a sika on his way back home in dorset great minds and all that lol.
    Many thanks wayne and andy for a challenging but very enjoyable weekend
    Cheers jon

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    Ah! I wondered where that photo came from on my phone.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Nice one Jon

    Good trip by the sounds of it.



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    Good on you Jon. Ive still to break my munty cherry...hopefully this year and when someone finds a chinky thats not a bloomin medal I'll complete the six
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Good result John mate,welld one.


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    good write up jon speak with you soon.

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    Nice to have you guys up.

    Sorry we couldn't find a few more for you but they were not moving much , little b*****d's

    Three lads counted eight the week before, I'll go and have a look at my ground in the next county I expect thats where they all are after Robbo firing that rem mag in the wood

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    It was good to catch up with you guys again.

    There was so much fresh mark about and yet so few sightings.

    I too assumed that the bad wind direction and the cold was responsible but maybe that 7mm boom was still echoing around Herefordshire !


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    Hi guys!
    I honestly hope, the roaring of the 7mm will be gone till May....
    Maybe some nice roebucks will be back then, waiting for a closer encounter?..
    Oh folks, still too many weeks till May.....
    Atb, keep scouting the big boys!

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Great write up Jon !!. It was a wonderful couple of stalks in truely epic woodland and as always time spent yarning with like minded individuals is always a pleasure. The Chinese was a revelation - only about my third ever, and I would like to offer a massive thankyou to Wayne and Andy for all their hard work and time. Maybe I'll get lucky next time - who knows.
    Great weekend with some really great fellas!! I'm one happy man - Oh yes and a bonus Sika Hind on the way home.

    All the best


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