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Thread: Remmy screw size?

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    Remmy screw size?

    Just bedding a Remmy 700 but have lost the stock screws I made last time I did my other gun. Does anyone know the size of the thread , I think its 1/4 x 28 but I dont know what that would be in a metric bolt as I need to get a couple to make into stockers bolts for when I do the bedding job.

    Cheers P

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    Hi Pete

    1/4" is 6.35mm so 6mm i the closest Metric but a 6mm wont fit in a 1/4"

    the 28 tpi is UNF


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    I can confirm that the 700 uses 1/4" X 28 UNF bolts.
    You may find some difficulty(as I did) in getting these from regular fastening suppliers. If you can't source them that way, go to somewhere where they repair/refurbish hydraulics. They keep all sorts of sizes and types of bolts and screws because of the international nature of hydraulic equipment.
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    Cheers gents

    As I recall the last bolts I got were from a rusty heap of nuts n bolts we had at work, they were used by Noah on the Ark me thinks......I should have kept hold of them!!!!

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