As its raining l've been looking through the cabinets and gone through some items to clear -

So i will take offers on any of the following items:

~ 12G Belgiun sbs BLNE(unsure of choke((s)))! but it has a 14 1/4" LOP - double trigger and 25" barrels. Bores are clean and unpitted + loads of meat on the muzzle. Raised rib (unsure of type) Action is tight and crisp. Wood is oiled rather rough and could do with some work but no cracks. Ever-so-slightly cast for the r/h. Metalwork has nice scrolling but again could do with some work. Ideally looking for around the 150 mark??

~ 12G 'S Sampson Liege' SLNE 32" barrelled Hammer gun (unsure of chokes - but has been opened up). 14 1/4" LOP - Double trigger. The barrels are wearing on this gun and although still proofed needs to be looked after not just thrown in the cupboard and left to rust! Wood is fairly decent and l think has a varished (polished) finished. Action is tight - one of the hammers has been braized (near the top-not near the striker) - i can only presume that it was dropped at some point breaking one of them. looking for around the 200 mark??

~ .22 1/2" UNF P/H cylindical silencer. Decent cond. marked on my ticket as NVM (PM me for more info) works well, well used - 15 + post

~ Brand new Remmington/Browning stock forend peice for a s/a (was bought for a Browning model 11/A5) but could fit anything its made too! Length is 10 1/4" with the end being bored out to a mag dia of almost an inch. Natural oil finish 20 + post

~ Brand new Butler Creek Eye cover inside measurement is 39-40mm - lost packet so its sat in a obj cover packet (obj cover broke - so can't be bothered to use them anymore.) 5 + Post

As i say offers will be considered - please PM me with email addresses if you would like pictures..