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Thread: Do bullet heads get marked on FAC

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    Do bullet heads get marked on FAC

    As a newbie this is the first post I have started, please go easy on me if this is a daft question.

    I am finding that I am getting conflicting advice with regards to the purchase of bullet heads with some RFD saying these must be marked on my FAC and others not so.

    I would have thought that they do not require to be noted on the FAC as they only become rounds once all the components are assembled. If I do need to note them on the FAC how does this affect the quantites I am allowed to hold

    If anyone can provide some clarity I would be gratefull

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    Go easy on you - not a chance. You put your life in your hands when you post on this site.

    Yes expanding bullets (they are not called bullet HEADS in spite of what some people call them) are written onto certificates when you buy them usually though this has been open to some serious arguements at various times on this site. Non expanding bullets and those classed as such however are not.

    Now stand by for the arguements - suggest that if you want an insight into the debates that have gone on in the past have a look in the legal section, this will tell you how heated the debate can get at times.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Yes they do mark expanding bullets on your FAC but as 8X57 said this argument can get serious as it has done in the past.

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    YES exp only

    NO for FMJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by devon deer stalker View Post
    Oh god, here we go!
    See what I mean - an emotive subject.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Tis not emotive just screwed up. The Police want it one way and are telling RFD's in their area to do so in some cases yet the law does not say so hence the problems. I am afraid it will be down to the dealer and how the view it.

    Just another good reason for the licensing whole thing to be sorted out in the UK.

    In fact the whole expanding bullet bit is a farce.

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    There is no legal requirement to enter expanding bullets on your FAC .The dealer will want to see that you have the right to purchase by reading the notes on your FAC which state the calibres that you can buy. Home office guidance makes no mention of the necessity to enter details of BULLETS purchased nor does the Firearms act.There remains a grey area where all expanding ammunition was reclassified as Section 5 ,but was almost immediately effectively negated by the passing of the Deer Act which states that deer may only be shot with expanding ammunition .Hence the notes on your FAC which grant permission by you Chief Constable to purchase expanding BULLETS.
    The dealer only has to have sight of those permissions on the front of your FAC,not write upon it.
    BUT---- when in doubt ,ask your LOCAL firearms department as it's their Chief Costable who granted you the permission in the first place.

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    When I helped out at a Hants RFD we did not enter bullets onto the FAC. We checked the condition that allowed the purchase.

    If you buy from Reloading Solutions they do it the same way. IE check the FAC for the condition then hand over the bullets without any entry.


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    One so far unaswered question from the OP is that yes they do count towards your total ammo allowance, irrespective of being a component rather than an assembled round. Clearly if your RFD doesnt enter them on your ticket then this isn't such an issue, but if you contact your FEO explaining you are reloading, they should be amenable to allowing you to purchase larger quantities.

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