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Thread: Boyds thumbhole and classic capped Remmington 700 heavy barrel stocks

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    Boyds thumbhole and classic capped Remmington 700 heavy barrel stocks

    Both stocks fit a Remington 700 heavy barrel short action (off my CDL .243)
    The boyds is in very good condition only a few very small carry marks
    The classic is oil finished and was taken off straight away by me - it has a few carry marks and the butt plate for some reason looks like it has been melted photo shows but would be cheap to replace and really deserves something a little nicer on the wood anyway.

    Boyds 100 P&P
    Classic 40 P&P

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    oops -shouting again ,sorry.
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    Bugger me Ive only ordered a Boyds stock for me remmy 700

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    both sold pending funds

    multiman you wont be disappointed they are nice stocks

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