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Thread: Docter Optic 8x56 IR

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    Docter Optic 8x56 IR

    Docter 8x56 Illuminated LP reticle, just back from germany checked and serviced. Had been fitted to my Sako with Opti-lok lined rings so no ring marks, no scratches, not a mark on it, totally mint, 30mm tube. 400 + Carriage.
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    What retical dose it have ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MACKY View Post
    What retical dose it have ?
    LP illuminated with a 30mm tube

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    Bloody LOVELY scope those,, a mate uses one and its cracking.

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    Brilliant scope.... Sits on top of my old pro hunter.

    Ive swapped rifles in falling light with a good few people with top of the range scopes and in their words the diference between them was hardly noticeable..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Is the LP like a no.4 with a flash dot? Can't find a picture of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    Is the LP like a no.4 with a flash dot? Can't find a picture of it
    Go onto Uttings site under scopes, click on any of the docter scopes with IR and scroll down the pics are there.

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    BK, you have PM.

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    Bk. As per text.

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    Sold pending payment

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