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Thread: Were to start Help is appreciated

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    Were to start Help is appreciated

    Hello all,
    My name is Neil I am now working in Dorset,, Been out of the shooting loop for a while due to lots of work away. My previous experience is some game shooting and Vermin control Rabbits and Foxes mainly on farms i lived on in scotland. Now back into the game side had a few nice duck shoots and the odd rough day last year.

    I have always had an urge to get into Deer Stalking and now i have finally got a job that means i have no trips abroad for a while i want to give it a go, Already looking at dates for DSC Level 1. Just wondered the best way to get some experience prior and where to go and if anyone can reccomend anyone down my way who may be willing to show me a thing or two. I am more than happy to just come and watch and learn the ins and outs.

    Thanks for taiking the time to read this message.

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    Book a few stalks with a professional; if you enjoy it do the DSC1.

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    Welcome to the site Neil, i don't know anybody down your way but if you look on here you will find plenty of stalkers advertising stalking you will be able to use an estate rifle at first until you have your own to get some experience

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    Checkout Ian Farrington on this site, he will help you out.

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