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Thread: Another Fox With The Archer NV

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    Another Fox With The Archer NV

    My local Farmer lost another goose to a Fox, it chewed through some fencing and went off with the gooses head,so tonight i picked up my rifle and Archer NV and went for a look around a few fields.I got to the Farm and drove around the home field nothing showing i parked up and waited for half an hour but the cold got the better of me so off to another field,again nothing only some snipe flying up in the head lights as i got close to them.The next field in the far distance i caught sight of a eye shine but it was a fair way out so i switched out the lights and drove slowly in the direction of the eyes but no good three Roe Deer a Doe and her 2 young one's so off to the next field, this field had had a fair amount of the old smelly stuff spread over it in the last week so i was hoping for a Fox out looking for some bits and pieces that have been thrown out of the spreader like the cleaning from the cows after calving, and sure enough making it's way towards the Farm i saw a pair of eye's and they belonged to Charlie i switched off both lights and engine the wind was in my favour so i slid the Archer onto my scope opened the window and waited for my chance .When i first saw the eye's i reckon they were 250 ish yards away so i waited keeping an eye on the Fox through my NV unit the next time i looked The Fox was only 90 yards walking from left to right and nearly to the Farm gate it only had to go under the gate then cross the road then it would be in the Farm yard , so it was now or never i gave a squeak and he Fox stopped just long enough for me to put a shot into the chest cavity which stopped her dead in her tracks for it was a vixen and not a very big Vixen at that , but big enough to be the Goose raider That's the third Fox i have had in that field in the last 3 weeks so i hope this time the Geese are safe.There was another good thing about tonight's drive around i saw quite a few Rabbits and that's a good sign for last year i hit them hard and then the Myxie got the rest and cleared them right out , so it's good to see a few making a come back in all the fields i went in tonight.

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    Good news all round then Owen


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    Good going, good to catch up with the ones causing damage...

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    Well done - if the geese continue to go, however, I'd suspect that the culprit is actually a badger since foxes typically start by eating the carcass, not the head. I should make it clear that this is not always true though. Also, in my experience, foxes that kill geese are typically in the 22lbs+ weight range.
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    First Goose that went a fox was seen coming out of the pen with it, second one was found half a field away , the third goose just had it's head missing the Farmer did say the dogs were kicking up 5.30 am .in the morning before

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    Up here it is generally considered that foxes always start with the heads (especially on pheasants) and badgers start at the arse. So I would think you are on the right track with your goose killer

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