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    Road Kill

    Well last nights lamping proved to be a little different. Firstly missed two in one field, but they were 250yds + and were a little lamp shy, now very lamp shy. Shot the third 3 fields over carrying a hen so that was better.

    Driving up to another farm where we have another fox issue, dead charlie in middle of road on a regular crossing point, still warm, so one less to get. Saw 2 behind farm but just couldn't get a safe shot so left them. Much later on on way back home decided to call in and decided to have a drive arround the farm tracks as they were dry, first time in months. Was very suprised to find a dead roebuck in the middle of the track just behind the farm, looked quite freshly dead, partially in velvet, one hind leg eaten away, but no obvious signs of other injury, we suspect it had been cliped by a car and died a couple of hundred yards away and the local foxs/badgers had been having a feast. Wasn't there last week as i walked across same track.

    Sad really as we have only 1 buck, an adult doe and 2 followers on this farm and I am pretty sure I spared this buck last April as I hadn't the heart to shoot him.

    Only good outcome is that we now have some very good fox bait.


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    One or two in David,so don't fret mate.


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    We all have a bad night once in a while, the first two will keep you on your toes for a while yet I bet!

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