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Thread: Cool boxes/Containment ?

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    Cool boxes/Containment ?

    Need a bit of advice Guys, probably been raised previous but here goes !
    I need to transport a "smallish beast's" (Red Hind) worth of frozen butchered venison over a journey of six hours and obviously need to keep it cold.
    What "kit" do I require to perform the said task ?
    Several cool boxes plus ice packs, something larger maybe ?

    Many thanx,


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    hi mate been looking at this myself and came to the idea of one of those large coolboxes or a foodgrade blue barrel with lid and that way i could use ice but if anybody has any better ideas i am all ears, atb wayne
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    I brought a roe carcase back home once from Devon, a journey of about 5hrs or so - used some 2L water/pop bottles 2/3 filled with water the night before then frozen; stuffed a few into the cavity, kept things nice and cool all the way home.
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    Polystyrene Boxes, Fish Boxes & Thermo Catering Boxes

    i use these from ebay, best for the job

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    +1 travel 5 hours with frozen venison in a polystyrene box and it's still frozen solid on arrival.
    Quote Originally Posted by psstalking View Post
    Polystyrene Boxes, Fish Boxes & Thermo Catering Boxes

    i use these from ebay, best for the job

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    2 pint plastic milk containers filled around two thirds with water and frozen stay frozen for a few hours and can be used.

    They are also good to put in a chiller on a warm day to bring the temperature down a bit quicker.

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