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Thread: Business cards

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    Business cards

    Looking for the thread that contained the contact for printing pest control cards but can't find it.
    Anyone help?



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    Trying to get a foot in the door? - Page 4

    Think this is the one your looking for hope it helps.


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    Brilliant thanks lads.
    I knew someone would be able to give me an answer.



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    Try Vistaprint Vistaprint - Business Cards - Full Colour Printing - Digital Printing Company | Vistaprint as well, as they always have an offer on. The follow up offers give you t-shirts, mugs etc..., so plenty for the business moving forwards

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    I've used the shooting cards "vermin control" a tip is don't just post them, put yourself together a bit of a CV, attach a business card, then visit in person, introduce yourself and don't put farmer / landowner under pressure. Leave your CV & card then walk away.
    When contacted I return with an authorisation letter and map to have the boundaries pointed out. It's paid off for me this last 12 months. Good luck

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    having read the original thread "trying to get a foot in the door". On one reply it states using BASC logo, how do we stand using LOGOS ie BASC, BDS is there some legal take on it?

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    You already have a card with the BASC logo on it and proof of your insurance- your membreship card.

    if you want a separate letter proving your insuance to pass to a farmer, no problem ask me and i will send it to you



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    I understand that, so I could get a card printed with BASC, BDS logos and my address along with what services I could offer and I would not be committing any offences?

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    I particularly like the 'deer management 3' option of card.......good safe backstop to that view in the cross hairs!

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