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Thread: Grs hunter stock

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    Grs hunter stock

    Hi I have a sako finlite synthetic in 308 fancy a grs stock is this a good move thoughts ?????

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    Ian. They look nice, but I would recommend trying one before buying one. GRS-Adjustablehunting
    I don't like canting my right hand. Regards JCS

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    They havent canted the grip have they??? years ago i was just about to buy a bell & carlson stock i think, luckily i tried it and to my dismay it had a canted grip. just feels wrong to me.

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    Thanks for the advice guys will try one first

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    Ive got one on my Tikka t3 as in my pic. Its very well made and fits like a glove.

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    what weight is the grs stock compared to the hunter stock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigboab29 View Post
    what weight is the grs stock compared to the hunter stock?
    Very valid question.

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    You may want to look at Simon West Stocks in the UK, a very viable alternative to the GRS

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    Having a rifle built on a t3 action which will be pillar and devcon bedded into this very stock, if your not that far from me your more than welcome to come for a look if your passing buy.

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