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Thread: Island Hopping Deer

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    Island Hopping Deer

    This is one of the eight islands we are very lucky to have here in Poole Harbour.

    Out on the jet ski with my daughter this afternoon and parking up for a break i wasnt atall suprised to see slots in the sand..

    The islands are very close together and at low tide the big Sika would almost be able to walk from one island to another and the Arne nature reserve..
    I have a few friends that are fisherman and always see large numbers and some that are swimming.

    The pictures were taken with my mobile but i will make an effort and try to get some photos of them in the water

    Looking over towards Arne from the island

    I was stood just over knee deep taking this one

    Beautifull day to be out on the water yet still close to the deer


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    how does the saying go
    "tracks ,tracks everywhere,but not a sika in sight"
    not even they are that elusive at Arne
    try getting up a bit earlier or hold out a laurel branch
    not in forgiveness,more as a treat to see if they will come and feed

    luv that part of the world you lucky begger

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone
    luv that part of the world you lucky begger
    Some folk have less happy memories

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