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Thread: Don't let the Mrs forget what day it is tmoro fella's!!!

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    Don't let the Mrs forget what day it is tmoro fella's!!!

    Yep that's right chaps tmoro, March 14th, is officially Steak and Blowjob Day!!

    Exactly a month after Valentines Day which centers around pleasing the women in our lives, it's their chance to show how much they love us!!

    If they don't believe you, which lets be honest they won't, here's the link to prove it!

    Enjoy the day, I know I will!

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    Quality, got a dodgy look from wife but hey ho worth a try

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    More chance of Viking raid on the local beach!

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    The mrs has a cold sore so I'll give it a miss !

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    Nourishment i need not punishment

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    More chance of platting fog

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    I like my steak rare and my bj welldone haha

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    Er......major sense of humour failure. Still I've got 2 days stalking lined up for next week
    atb Tim

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    I told my lady I was off out for drinks tomorrow, she replied, oh ok don't you and your mates know what day it is tomorrow.


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