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Thread: "sonic 35/45/55" mods

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    "sonic 35/45/55" mods

    Anyone using or know anything about the "sonic" range of mods?
    Saw them in combo deals with howas (I think that one is the 55?) and have just ordered a "sonic 35" in .30cal.
    They seem good for what I want. Light weight, strippable, and over barrel.
    Going to put it on my Ruger m77 and see how it goes but any info from current users would be welcomed.

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    Hi i use a sonic 45 on my .300 wm and so far very happy with it my sako 85 fully loaded is 11 lb not to bad for the caliberi did have a t8 mag on it bit longer and bit more weight . The sonic is easy to strip and clean and hope to keep for many years to come

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    Some discussion here: View topic - Sonic 45 Moderator marketed by Highland Outdoors - Thoughts

    Whilst I don't personally like strippable or reflex mods, this looks like a good design.

    You could number the baffles and rotate them each strip to even up the wear. Or shorten it by a couple and keep them as spares.

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