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    Big Game Hunting


    I am posting this here as am very interested in a trip abroad for either the African experience or wild boar in Croatia/Latvia etc

    The lack of replies given to questions either PMd or asked in the big game hunting thread concerns me as to why you dont get an answer and even more so as it would mean shelling out a pretty penny.

    I would like to get away and would also enjoy the company of other site members, so if you are thinking along these lines yourself can you reply on the thread and see what interest there is and how big a group we might be


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    Mention this when we talk next. I can give you an option that will really appeal.

    Only issue - I don't have any confirmed prices at the moment, so can't really post an offer to the site!



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    Hi Terry,

    having hunted Africa 6 times and taken 2 of the big 5 I can tell you its a good time to go at the moment as there are some good deals out there.

    However as a ball park figure for a good plains game safari in Southern parts of Africa you should be looking at $4000 with a package of trophy animals included.

    If its Buffalo you want there are some deals at the moment for 7 days inc the Buff in Zambia for about $6,500.

    Of course you can get cheaper hunts, but these will be mostly fenced areas that will give reasonable value but within 2 to 3 hours of driving around you will have seen the fence a couple of times

    I might be going back next year, not sure yet but if not I can point you in the right direction of good honest Ph's and outfitters.



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    There are a few of us going to Croatia for driven Boar, I have booked three trips so far.
    I was speaking to Sam about it earlier this year, either have a word with him or give me a bell, Sam will give you my number.
    I have already put something on the Boar thread offering a lift up for 'Sotherners' as I have already booked parking at Heathrow.

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