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    170 grom

    With the recent demand for bullets im struggling to get my usual nossler 180 accubonds they are now a back order job from Cliff's and it looks the same for barnes so im looking for different options;
    Although the accubonds are more than accurate there not ideal driven over 3000fps and are harsh to smaller deer at normal stalking ranges so i was looking for something that would hold up at the above speeds and come across these not far from me they look like a compromise between a soft point and a barnes ?
    There cheap as chips just wondered what they are like on deer and would they hold up to higher magnum velocitys, anyone using them ?

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    I've never actually used them as I haven't come across them in a shop in the calibres that I want but the Grom bullet is highly regarded by many that have written about it. I believe they are very popular in Europe for boar.
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    I used them in factory Privvi ammo. Seem pretty good if your rifle shoots them. They are well thought of in Germany for pigs.

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