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Thread: all day breakfast

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    all day breakfast

    Don't know if anyone has tryed this.
    I have started messing about with some venison sausages.
    I have started putting black pudding bacon and egg through the mincer. Bloody hell they taste good. Have a go.

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    Certainly interesting! Although I am tempted I am not sure it would freeze as well? May stick to my eggs and black pudding on the side!

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    mmm good idea...ive tried black pudding in a pheasant and apple burger...just pheasy breasts minced ...blitzed heap of apples till mush(cored) and broke up the black pudding and made the burgers...didnt have enough pork belly were wee bit dry but still good

    have thought bout trying black pudding thru venison tho...must do it now.

    as a wee add on if anyone really loves their black pudding i just recently had a charles macleod stornoway balck pudding and it was TO DIE FOR!!!!!! couple wee slices with a fried duck egg sandwhich

    would imagine as a black pudding for adding to venison it would be top drawer stuff!!!


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    You can't beat the Stornaway black pud. It's amazing.
    If you are planning on putting black pud in sausages. Please don't use to much pepper to season them with. Some black pud are spicy.

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    Made up some. Haggis and port sausages. Well worth a try.

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    What is "black pudding" ?

    That isn't the same thing as blood pudding is it ?

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    I often have a black pudding roll for breakfast from some "greasy spoon" that I happen to be passing. I love the stuff.

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    You get White pudding as well mainly in Scotland

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