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Thread: Tikka t3 project

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    Tikka t3 project

    For sale is my tikka project as I have had a change of mind/need/circumstance. It is sat with a decent rifle builder waiting for a build. You can either buy parts and have them shipped to your rfd/builder or discuss a suitable build to your own requirements with my builder.

    The rifle was subject to an insurance claim before I purchased it, the barrel is bent and as such the barrel will be removed if it sent on, to prevent anyone firing it or trying to make a second claim.

    Tikka t3 stainless action (from .243 rifle) c/w trigger
    Choice of varmint or lite, composite black stocks
    Trigger guard/bottom plastic
    New in box genuine 5 shot mag for short action calibres 22-250, 243, 260, .308 etc..
    Cost £450 delivered and rfd fees at my end. (delivery fee will be deducted if you choose a build from who holds it at moment)

    Also available to the purchaser of the donor action
    Another genuine new in box 5 shot mag -£50
    Genuine tikka large bolt handle same as on “super varmint”, new in box - £25
    Genuine optilock 30mm rings, blued, boxed c/w Genuine optilock bases, t3 specifiec, boxed, stainless - £75

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    how much for the donor action on its own, no barrel, no extras, no bottom metal, just action, bolt and trigger?

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    PM sent
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    Action sold bits still available inc varmint stock @ £45 posted.

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    Offers accepted on all parts, pending payment..

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    subject to a photo i'd like the bolt knob. I'll pm email now


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    All items sold and payments received, will try to post today if a can but might have to be monday.

    Thanks all.

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