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Thread: Roe counts from the train

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    Roe counts from the train

    I do like this month, little vegatation, light sunny mornings and evenings. On my daily train commute I saw 10 roe yesterday morning and 14 last night. Most i have seen is 34 one evening.

    In about 1 hour which I think only 40 mins is rural I expect I will pass up to 40 + roe all within 250m of the track, so there is quite a healthy roe population. Mainly small familly gps of 3-4 and solitary bucks at present. Intrestingly I see few foxs, 1 a week is good going, although I saw a lovely one in fine fettle this am, train was crawling due to line side works.

    Its should be noted that roe do seem to be creatures of habit and I see the same groups in similar places. Intrestingly lots on maize stubble this week!!

    Will have a serious total up at the month end to get some idea of density.


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    I drive an HGV along the M4. Im constantly surprised at the numbers I see within 50m of the motorway. Plenty around that patch of woodland near junc 16.

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    For once I was actually looking forward to the trip to London this morning on the train from Cardiff . Normally see roe, fallow and munty. Bright sunny morning nice and cold I thought they would be out sunning themselves after a cold night. Didn't see a thing! So arrived disappointed and with a stiff neck. Lets hope the return journey is better.
    Thats a cracking tower though just east of Chippenham, Would love to watch the world wake up one morning from there.

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