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    Gear for Africa

    Hi; Short & Sweet; Anybody any recomendations for a UK supplier of decent Clothing, mainly shirts /T shirts, maybe a pair of pants or two likewise suitable for a forthcoming Safari trip to South Africa. As well as being suitable and appropiate, I'm not denying or fighting shy that I at least wish to look something like the part when I'm hopefully having pictures with one or two of the Game taken. Not taking any Camo gear of any description, and I dont think My Leigh Miners Rugby hoodie somehow will quite cut the Mustard !!!

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you're hunting, be prepared for any new clothing to get comprehensively shredded by the Catbush and Acacia thorns that are pretty much everywhere in SA - the sodding stuff cuts cloth like a knife, so buy stuff that you won't be sad to throw away! If you are likely to be in any kind of bush, rather than just on the veldt, I'd go for long sleeved safari shirts and trousers rather than shorts. Don't forget a fleece for the early morning too - if you are up in the high veldt country, it can easily be -1 at dawn and +28 by noon.

    I tend to wear old British Army lightweight or Keela zip-off combat trousers in olive green heavyweight cotton and Boyts Harness safari shirts or Deerhunter Wapiti shirts in green or brown - South Africa is a lot greener than most people expect and the light khaki clothing you see in places like Tanzania really stands out in the south - plus any light well broken-in walking boots. Short gaiters are a real plus too for stopping sharp thorns and grass seeds from getting into your boots.

    Richard at Marsh Farm Country Supplies has a lot of Deerhunter lightweight clothing at well below RRP prices - give him a ring about what you need as stuff might not be on the web site.


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    My kit list for the Kalahari, Karoo and low-veldt (both avian biology field work and hunting):

    2 pairs heavy cargo shorts.
    2 pairs durable shirts.
    1 Heavy fleece, 1 fleece bodywarmer in olive or black.
    1 pair cargo trousers.
    5 tee shirts. Don't bother buying here - go to Mr. Price in SA. Can usually get a pack of 3 for about 6. Perfectly good and last me 3 field seasons.
    Thermal top, gloves, hat.
    Broad brimmed sun hat.

    Don't buy ANY of it here. Total waste of money. Go to Cape Union Mart when you get to SA.

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    5.11 range is excellent for Africa. Tough, hard wearing and relatively light weight. The green blends well with acacia, etc.

    However, when i say will not save your ass as you sit right on an acacia thorn as you drop to take a shot at a Kudu bull! As I found out the hard way!!

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    Hi there it has been covered quite good in the posts above, when i am hunting this would be my gear.

    Short sleeve light khaki shirt
    long trousers usualy sniper camo's (but cargo pants will work)
    And comfortable hiking shoes

    Always something warm for the mornings that you can takeoff later in the day.

    Dont wear pants or shirts that is made from a parashuite type material, it is very noisy when stalking.

    Good luck and enjoy your hunt

    Gerrit jv Vuuren PH & Outfitter
    Bos en Dal Safaris- South Africa
    Home - Bos en Dal Safaris

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    Thanks Guys, all taken on board. Much appreciated!!

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    Have a look at Rohan clothing, it's tougher than it looks.

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    i'd add a good hat and some sweat rags - I wouldn't have been without on any of my african trips

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    In july 1996 I was hunting close to the Willem Pretorius game reserve in the freestate. I needed exactly the same clothing as you would need on a highland winter hind culling day. It was very cold and we had snow as I have never seen in the flemish part of Belgium. It doesn't snow frequently in SA, but we had it.

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