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Thread: S & B Classic 2.5-10 x 56

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    S & B Classic 2.5-10 x 56

    I am considering a scope upgrade and would consider selling my brand new S&B. Unfortunately I have just moved house and cannot for the life of me find the box and paperwork, obviously my wife has lost it! I paid just under a grand for it 3 months ago and it has never been out of the cabinet, it sits atop my Sauer 243. It has a 30mm tube with an A8 reticle. Viewing welcome. I also have a spare set of Sauer 30mm mounts and rings.

    600 for the scope.

    PM for any more info.

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    As per usual with this forum, because the scope is not being given away and after the usual stupid offers I am withdrawing another item and putting it on Ebay.

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    Having just bought something similar for considerably more I am not in a position to take you up on your offer, however, I am surprised you were offered less by PM as that is a very reasonable price.
    I am sure you will get your asking price or more on E Bay.

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    If it had a little more mag, i would of had it off you

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