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Thread: Mobile Phone reception

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    Mobile Phone reception

    As we all find ourselves in remote areas from time to time I was wondering which company provides the best mobile coverage. It is time to change my contract so looking elsewere. I have Vodaphone at the moment and it is rubbish espesialy in Sussex.

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    I use orange, its quite good in Norfolk, certainly think you can get 2G coverage most places have a look at their web page they have coverage maps on there

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    Im in woodbridge and i have O2. Signal is absolutely shocking unless you stand in a completely open area.

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    In my experience there are black/blind spot for all the major companies which vary across the country.

    I would make enquiries with mobile owners in the areas most likely to be frequented and go from there.

    Also, the companies themselves are somewhat economical with the truth when you ask about their coverage in a particular area.

    I was recently told that due to several of the Networks "piggybacking" (whatever that means!) coverage should not have much variation between the providers, but that has not been the case in my experience.

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    I have been with Vodafone since before the digital service, never had a real problem any where.
    You will always find the odd dead spot with any network, also some phones are better than others at keeping a weak signal.
    But the fact is so called smart phones both need a better signal strength to even make a call, and generally are worse at staying connected.


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    Orange as they share networking with t-mobile now resulting in better coverage... If you ave the post codes of where you visit most you can check reception at these places online

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    You might find this link useful:

    OK in an emergency.

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    In my experience of Scotland, particularly the west coast and islands, the only network where you stand a chance is Vodafone. So much that I keep a prepay SIM just for my visits there.

    My other haunt, North Norfolk is a disaster zone for mobiles. I don't think any network can be recommended there, remarkable considering its reputation for being "awfully flat", and that Charles Dunstone of Carphone Warehouse lives there. Funnily enough there is a base station less than half a mile from his manor house.

    Also the networks which use 900 MHz GSM are far more robust than those on 1800.

    I'm on 3, which used to be great because they had agreements to fall back onto a 900 MHz network when not in their 3G coverage, but they've renegotiated and it seems much worse now, and I can no longer fall back to GPRS data, it seems only the 3 3g network is accessible.

    E.g. it used to work fine on the Tyne and Wear metro, roaming onto Orange, sadly no longer, since the Everything Everywhere merger.

    Get a couple of cheap unlocked mobiles and some prepay SIMs and you'll be covered.

    Of course the perfect solution is to use a foreign SIM which has roaming agreements with all UK networks. Its not cheap, but it gives the absolute best coverage. Funnily enough thats the method a friend used, and he was a GSM architect for Vodafone at the time.

    And if you can find one, get hold of a vintage mobile, the sort with a sticky out aerial, or even a long pullout one. They were designed for the rubbish networks of the earlier years (the era of waving the phone around in outretched hand) so can hold onto a signal far better than modern designer jobbies that sometimes even have to be gripped in a certain way.
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    in my area EE works on some of the main roads and in town, other than that no where! Vodafone and O2 have reasonable coverage although with blind spots, and haven't tried the rest.
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    If you find yourself somewhere with no coverage, do a manual network search and you will see which other networks do cover the place.

    Make a habit of this, and you will get a reasonable idea of which one to choose next time.

    Of course it works the other way, i.e. jump ship and you may find yourself with no coverage in areas where you used to be covered.

    This is also something you should consider when moving house. When looking round a new place, check the mobile coverage throughout, and the broadband connection, and the amount of southerly facing unshaded roof for installation of solar panels.

    I don't think the HIP packs address any of this.

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