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Thread: At last !

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    At last !

    Been waiting for this to be in stock. Wonder when it's arriving over here ?

    FS ReLoading - Lee Precision Deluxe Quick Trim

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    Order it over there and have it shipped or you'll be waiting years!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Looks a good idea, but can you not order it direct ?
    Cheap enough too, over there at least.

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    I ordered one a while ago. They are still 6-8 weeks out. Be aware that there is a caliber specific die that must be ordered with the cutter assembly at an extra $8 - $10 US. FS didn't list 308 so I ordered .22 Hornet and 6,5x55 from them and the rest from Midway USA. All backordered.~Muir

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