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Thread: hello from doncaster

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    hello from doncaster

    hello all i am just starting on the road to ddeer stalking i have been shooting for a few years with the shotgun and airrifle. i am thrying to get into stalking and ianf has reccommended this forum. i would look at my self as a countryman that likes country sports. i like to give back into what countryside we have left. i am willing to share any info i can help other people with and share the land i have for shooting so a big hello



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    Hi Adam,

    Welcome in - there is a lot a great information and advice available here. Search for anything you need answered and you will get plenty opinions - as well as some quality replies.

    You will certainly find someone willing to help your introduction and progression into the world of stalking, but do ensure you only share with folks who are interested in helping - not helping themselves!

    Keep in touch.


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    Ey up Donnylad

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    ay up lad ows it going.

    Nice to see you from Donny.

    I used to live and work up at Broadsworth pit many years ago, top side by the A1m woodlands, still have family all over Donny.Selby and leeds.


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    Hi mate welcome to the site. Where abouts in Doncaster are you ?
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    Welcome to the site,

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    Thank you all

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