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    New Boy


    I have been viewing this forum for some weeks now and think its a great site for lots of top advice, but most of all everyone seems very friendly. I read I have to do an intro about myself.

    I live in Berkshire, UK born and bred. I started shooting at 13 after my folks brought a house next to a 5000 acre estate and the head keeper lived next to us. I pretty much started shooting every day from then on, everything from vermin to stalking. At 21 I joined the Army. Now I'm 34 and want to get back into shooting. Just in the process of renewing my shotgun cert and getting my 1st FAC cert.

    Cheers John

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    Welcome to the site. You'll find there are quite a few members from Berks/Oxon/Wilts/Bucks on the site!

    Look forward to reading your posts.


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    Hi John

    Welcome dont know where you are in berks, i am not far from Newbury but live in Hampshire.

    lots of very good advice and some very good debates too on this site, and the best thing is not to much bull **** compared with others.


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    Cheers guys thanks for saying hi. Im based in Maidenhead, but often in Hampshire as the mrs lives in Alton, lovely part of the world.


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    Hi John

    Welcome to SD, I'm not that far from you in Oxfordshire, hope you enjoy the forum.


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    Cheers Chris

    Had lots of great advice already and hopefully soon be out and about learning the ropes!!

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    Let us know how your FAC application is going?


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    FAC has suffered a slight set back from my original plan. I was initially told by one FEO that putting "I intent to shoot on land approved by chief of police for area" would be fine, by paying for accompanied stalks etc as I don't have any shooting rights or land anywhere.

    However I now know the FEO who will be doing my application and he has said I really need to A Have proof I have some stalks booked up or B Have been on some stalks and in both cases name and address of where. So will have book up some stalking before taking FAC any further. Good news is that he is fine with an .308 for an all round rifle including on foxes. However I will need to convince him I am responsible to have a .308 as my first rifle as oppose to a smaller caliber, but I don't think this will be a problem.

    One thing he told me did confuse and he thought this was a bit odd too, was that the powers that be would put conditions that I could shoot fox on my own straight off the bat, but wouldn't let me shoot deer unsupervised straight off. Not that I would do that, I want to learn the etc, but still a bit strange. He was very helpful, I'm just Mr impatient!

    Where about are you, my folks live near Burford, lovely part of the world.

    Cheers John

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    Quote Originally Posted by purdeydog

    Where about are you, my folks live near Burford, lovely part of the world.

    Cheers John
    Hi John

    I am only 15-20 minutes from Burford, live in Farmoor. Know some people who have a shoot Burford way near Widford & I fish the Windrush just down a bit in Minster Lovell.


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