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Thread: Norfolk Reds, Norfolk Black Turkeys and Guinea Fowl.

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    Norfolk Reds, Norfolk Black Turkeys and Guinea Fowl.

    Yesterday morning my pal and I were out on his ground when we saw a group of Red deer. The wind was bad for us and the only approach available was through a farmyard, over a brooke, skirt a wood edge and into position for a shot.
    My pal was to make the more direct approach whilst I took another route intending to intercept the deer, if they headed back to a rhodadendron thicket nearby.
    In the farmyard we met up with some interesting 'stalking companions'; two large Norfolk Black stag turkeys and their hens, ably supported by five guinea fowl. The feathered cavalcade closely followed my pal for about a hundred and fifty yards whilst he tried to approach the Reds.
    Stalking Red deer with an accompaniement of the Turkey and Guinea Fowl choir, who were all shouting at the tops of their voices, was a sight and sound that we will never forget.
    Needless to say the Reds took the 'hint' and made themselves scarce.
    Priceless !

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    I hope you made reference to them being the new level 2 assessment panel! I will be dissapointed if you didn't...

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