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Thread: Another Two Foxes Last Night

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    Another Two Foxes Last Night

    This afternoon i got a phone call from the Farmer that has been losing Geese to the Foxes, he told me that he just seen a Fox coming towards the Farm at about 3.00 pm but when he saw the Farmer he went through the hedge.So this evening i went out to see what i could find the first field i drove in there were only 3 rabbits then i drove into the field where i shot the Fox Tuesday night, as i drove up the slope i caught a glimps of some thing in the headlights out the far end of the field off with the engine and lights on with the Archer, as i poked my rifle out of the window and turned on the Archer i could plainly see it was a Fox but he had his back to me but only after a few seconds he turned broadside at 140 yards and bang he was dead on the spot,tha'ts the second Fox i have shot in that field in 2 nights now.

    After driving out of the field gate i drove across the road and into the Farm yard and then in to the field where the afternoon Fox had been spotted, i drove away from the buildings and out into the middle of the field and sure enough there was another Fox walking away from me i just turned off my lights and looked through the Archer which i still had attached to my rifle, the Fox had turned and was looking at my truck from 96 yards so i focused in on the Fox and bang that was another Goose killer dealt with.

    I rang the Farmer just to let him know what was what and i have to call in tomorrow to see him as he has got some Goose eggs for me , so i'm glad i am keeping the Foxes in order because the longer the geese live the more eggs i will get, LOL

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    Good going, great when it comes together like that. Second fox a milky vixen?

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    Best way toget them saves a lot of trouble later in the year

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