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Thread: Mountain Men last night

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    Mountain Men last night

    Did anyone watch mountain men on sky last night?

    The old boy went away to a market and left his wife with a shotgun in case a bear returned to their house in his absence.

    Only thing was it was a .410 She missed a static can with her first shot so I wouldnt fancy her chances of hitting a charging bear between the eyes!

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    I've been watching that series but I have been becoming more and more sceptical as it's gone on. They don't half like to ham it up a bit for drama's sake don't they!

    The guy with the plane is pretty hardcore though... flying off into the wilderness alone with no sort of back-up (one has to assume he usually doesn't have a film crew!). He comes across as being pretty clumsy and accident prone too. If it was me I would treat all the equipment with kid gloves but he doesn't seem to care!

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    I think it was Eustace (the guy with the silly pigtails) who kicked a guy out for failing to zero his rifle properly - the thing is the rifle the guy zeroed was totally different from the one Eustace then missed a deer with... as CSL says it's all about the drama.

    The plane guy keeps "nearly dying" - thing is there's a camera crew with him half the time so I can't see them not just giving him a lift back it's like Bear Grills - "this is a remote impenetrable forest... that I've managed to get a camera man and sound man into"!!!

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    I also have watched the series but by the end of it I was completely put off by the constant repeating of what you just watched 3 minutes earlier and making a drama out of every little thing. Also how come the camera man was able to catch the snowmobile accidents if they weren't already planned. In addition when the plane guy had to walk 10 miles back to the cabin what transport was the camera man using to film him on his way back!

    A pity as it had all the hallmarks of the good series.


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    Have to agree with you all, it looked good to begin with but in the end was a bit of a damp squib, I prefer Yukon Men.

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    Quote Originally Posted by david1976 View Post
    The old boy went away to a market and left his wife with a shotgun in case a bear returned to their house in his absence.
    When my mate in Montana left his wife at home and joined me for a hunt he left her a pump action shotgun, not for bears but for any human intruders!

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    what about Marty's 350yard !! shot that killed the sheep,off his elbows no bipod!!poetic licence perhaps.

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    LIke any U.S. TV,movie, news etc the secret is don't think too much, it works fine for 250 million Americans

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    I keep wondering when that Bear is going to finally eat that dog(elle).

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    i liked the way marty and his family rolled them elk about in the mud when they were skining them and chopping them up lol well i suppose he at least got them out there and involved ..his wee lassy was doing better than some iv been out with..

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