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Thread: Pro Hunter .223 loads.

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    Pro Hunter .223 loads.

    Good morning to you all. Just taken possession of a second hand rifle in the above format. Still waiting for load data from previous owner, but in the mean time wanted to knock up some stuff to zero. Any body able to share their home brew that works well through these beasties. Will be used only for foxing, anything out to about 250 meters. Many thanks.

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    Getting excellent results with my tikka t3 with the following load.
    Lapua brass
    Rem primers
    26.5grn h4895
    52grn a-max
    10thou off the lands.
    same load works superb with the 50grn v-max also.
    as always start low and work up.

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    I use 27gr. of H335 in a Winchester case,with a fed. primer.It's a max load ,but boy is it good out to 400yd.I Had a rabbit,crow,and a magpie within 30 mins,at 380 yd. 3 shots,3 kills last year with it.

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    Hi Colonel, what weight and style of bullet was that with. I have H335 and Varget to play with.

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    Tried a couple of loads for my .223 Steyr Pro Hunter Mountain using Vectan SP7 (cause I've got a lot of it). Got a 2cm 4 shot group at 100m which I was OK with. But then ended up with a 1cm group using Varget as follows:
    25.5gn Varget
    55gn Norma SP bullet
    PPU cases
    Winchester small rifle primers
    56.7mm COL

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    Let me tell you about .308 prohunter.........

    I had a terrible grouping using Hornady tap 155grain with a very wide 10cm group at 100 yds, moved to 168grain and the grouping as stated by my friend who is a sniper instructor stated........friggin unbelievable!

    The difference the ammo makes is like black and white. Both rounds where Hornady TAP but for some reason the gun just couldnt take to the lighter grain.

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    Cheers Ronan, I did read that post of yours the other day with great interest. Funny how some rifles shoot anything, where as some are very picky. I need to have a look through the stores to check out what I,ve got, but from memory I don,t think there's owt above 55grn.

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    hi neil

    i used the same rifle in .223 for a few years and found it to be fussy on the rounds that it grouped well i.e. less than an 1" at 100m. I used 60gr vmax bullets with laupua brass, federal primers and 23.5grs of n130 powder, this load chrono'ed at 3100ft / sec. the col with the vmax bullet was 2.28"

    hope this helps but again dont go by my findings


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    +1 on the N130, i have a pro hunter in .223, using hornady brass, federal primers and 24.2 grains of N130, with 50 grain v-max, 1/4 groups at 100 yards, yet when i tried the n135 powder the groups opened up to 1 1/2 inches

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    Hi bud try 23 gn h335 55 gn v max rem small primers low pressure round work well in my howa 1500 1/2 groups at 100 yards

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