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Thread: FAC cert Q

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    FAC cert Q


    I have been shooting on and off for the last 21 years, but only now getting my FAC. I have shot most UK vermin and game with shotguns. I have also shot many a fox and stalked deer whilst supervised with a 243 or 270 and rabbits with a .22. I would class my self as having 21 years experience with shooting and all aspects of safely using a rifle. I have never applied previously for a FAC as I was in the Army and always away etc.

    I would like to get a .22 for bunnies and a .308 for an all round rifle and hopefully make my mind up on an all round grain. I intend to stalk on the hills and woodland. I also want to purposely go out and control foxes whilst not just coming across one whilst stalking.

    Having read a lot of posts on here I'm a left unsure of what to do. Some posts suggest the police will view a .308 as to much for fox control, and they would like a lesser caliber.

    So my question is that I'm unsure if applying for two rifles on my 1st FAC is too much of an ask ?? let alone a third one for foxes ?? which I really don't want a third one. As for old charlie dead is dead and know ones going to be eating him!

    Many thanks John

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    Hi John,

    You will have seen from the posts on this site that different police forces have different views and take different courses of action. The latest ACPO guidance is trying to move away from a rigid calibre = quarry approach. Essentially, the 'new' idea is if you have a deer rifle it is reasonable that you can use it for fox control - as you point out, dead is dead, and if you are safe enough to be entrusted with a rifle for deer there is no logical reason why you would suddenly be 'unsafe' shooting a fox. While this seems to be eminently sensible (leaving aside folk who want to shoot muntjac at 1000m using a .50BMG) some forces elect to ignore it.

    In the first instance I would be inclined to contact the local Firearms office and have a conversation. Without overdoing it I would make sure that they understand your length and depth of experience. You should also make the most of only wanting one CF rifle, as again some forces seem to believe their remit is to minimise the total number of firearms in circulation.

    I suspect much will depend on which Force area you live in. Shouldn't be the case - but it is.

    Good luck.

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    Totally agree with what Bandit said. You clearly have a mature attitude towards firearms and the Police should be pleased with that. The only thing that I would add is to remember to apply for expanding ammunition and sound moderators for both your rifles even if you don't intend getting one for the .308 at this stage, you may do later. Apply to hold and purchase a reasonable ammount of ammunition, say, hold 200/purchase 160 (assuming that you are a recreational stalker) I know of lads that only have 60/40 and it is such a pain as they can never get the same batch twice. Be prepared for the FEO to try and talk you into getting a .243 Win as it will fit into his tick boxes better. Stick to your guns (no pun intended) .308 Win is one of, if not the, best all round calibres ever made. Good luck. JC

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    Thanks for the advice guys! Have been on the phone to my FEO and he seems very helpful. He is quite happy with a .308 for all round deer plus fox so thats handy. However he did indicated I would need a good reason for getting a .308 as oppose to a .243 or .270 as my first rifle. I think my aged and previous use of estate rifles should help.

    Cheers John

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    I would have thought that with Army service you would by now know the ballistic performance of the 308 (and 223) in their "other" guise as 7.62mm and 5.56mm inside out and back to front!

    So I would cite that as a reason for preferring a 308 to either a 243 or a 270 in that it is/they are a round(s) that you are extremely familiar with in terms of its trajectory, safety (ricochet) issues, and performance in strong wind and rain etc.

    That alone, the fact that you KNOW the cartridge and how it performs backwards, should convince anyone of why 308 (and 223) would make sense for you as against 243 and 270 that you have little relative experience of!

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    You never know - Purdeydog may have been a Gunner. "Please Sir, can I have a 155mm M109 on my ticket? It's only one gun and it saves a **** load of walking!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by purdeydog
    However he did indicated I would need a good reason for getting a .308 as oppose to a .243 or .270 as my first rifle. I think my aged and previous use of estate rifles should help.

    Cheers John
    this makes me cross. a .270 can't be far off or maybe more energy producing than the .308.

    i have just done a bit of quickload magic and the 130 gr .270 produces just a touch more energy than .308 with 150 gr bullets.


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    I'm in Thames Valley as well. When I first applied for my ticket some 10 years ago I went for a .308 for deer which was granted with no problem. However, they wouldn't allow if for fox. Originally this was fine for me as I was doing a lot more deer stalking including reds up in Scotland (as good a reason as any to want a .308 over a .243). As expected, there were a couple of occasions when out stalking where I saw foxes and - wanting to help out the keeper - not being able to take a shot was frustrating. On my first renewal they opened up the permission for deer and fox....and boar.

    In hindsight I should have asked for a .308 with permission for deer, fox, boar and zeroing, with a moderator.


    P.S. I've had 200/400 for buying/owning ammo.

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    FAC cert Q

    Yet another example of the inconsistencies we all have to bear, when chatting amongst shooters in general about conditioning etc, it would make more sense to allude to which country you're fac is issued rather than county , It is obvious that at least one feo has not got accsess to a copy of cartridges of the world for comparisons

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    home office guidelines

    There recently has been a change in guidelines to do away with the "what round - for what animal" matrix

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