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Thread: Moderated or not??

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    Moderated or not??

    Just wondering what your views are on me needing a moderated rifle or not as a noob stalker. I have a moderated 22-250 that can be used for charlie so it'll mainly be a stalking rifle as and when I obtain the land.

    Thoughts please? What do you more experienced guys use? Thinking maybe extra weight for fairly little gain when there shouldn't be many shots fired?

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    In an ideal world, I would only ever shoot moderated rifles. My Dad's shot for over 80 years and he's as deaf as a post. He borrowed my 260 Rem + mod in Autumn 2011 and clearly sees the benefit of shooting with a moderator now, both from his hearing perspective and reducing the disturbance to the deer.
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    I used to shoot a mod on my stalking rig but now I use a muzzle break and just wear ear defenders,the deer know no difference in fact Ive had deer just stand there,there not very user freindly is your accompanied but they also could wear hearing protection,i just find the rifle is a lot more plesent to handle.

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    My dad was an ex Royal Marine and a game shooter from an early age, only in his later years did he take to wearing hearing protection. The reason he started wearing ear plug was that he got tinnatus, badly. He made sure I wore hearing protection from when I started shooting. Tinnatus is dreadful and I would not wish it on anyone. I value my hearing so I use a moderator. They do spoil the lines of a nice rifle though.


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    I'm ex army and know enough hard guys who dont use ear protection. They're already deaf. Use a moderator.

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    The question should be what sort of stalking you going to be doing, if your going to do lots a walking a rifle with just a sling is far nicer to carry all day than a rifle with all the extras fitted to it. It technically one shot and the deer is not going to care if you have a mod or not. I was always one who thought you need to have a mod, but after taking my .308 to Ireland this year, without the mod and compared to last years trip with my .243 and mod I will not be taking the mod when I go out stalking..

    Remember it's all down to personal choice and what you feel comfortable with.

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    As I sit here I can hear the wind blowing through the open window but that sound is above the constant rushing whine. Yes I have tinitus and have had for many years. Shooting may not have helped but it was noisy Engineering shops that really did the damage. I recall being laughed at for using foam ear plugs in one place, this was a guy who was stone deaf, from the racket of a shop full of cam autos running at full tilt.

    I still prefer to use a non moderated rifle when stalking. The feel and balance is just so much better. My stalking is generally for the pot so tis rare that I would shoot more than one an outing unless asked to by the "stalker".

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    Please use a moderator if only for hearing protection. Yes, ear defenders can be used but for me they make me feel too insulated from surroundings even with electronic ones.

    Other advantages are:
    Reduces muzzle flip
    More socially acceptable
    And for me my rifles are usually more accurate

    As has been said, the deer do not notice any difference as hopefully they are dead before the sound reaches them.


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    if you damage your hearing it will never come back always use ear plugs or ear defenders I would use a mod

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    Oh dear ............................... oh deary me:-

    Other advantages are:
    Reduces muzzle flip
    More socially acceptable
    And for me my rifles are usually more accurate
    Muzzle flip is back stocking. Poorly designed and ill fitting stock

    Socially Acceptable .............. WTF? Now I don't know what planet your on or from but it sure as heck ain't this one. To most of the Plebians your murdering bambi and they are never going to accept that as socially acceptable not matter what you use nor how you dress.

    Rifles are more accurate. Hmm well for a start unless it's due to the change in barrel harmonics and the OBT of the bullet leaving the bore then moderator fitted or not should really make no difference to group size. placement on the target may well vary between no mod and mod fitted. If your shooting better with the mod then there is a problem in your shooting technique.

    ​Sorry but there you have it.

    Oh yes one can choose to go to a nigh club and have ones ears wrecked or even sit in traffic behind with a pillock with a horrendous exhaust fitted. Or have them puling alongside and blowing ones eardrums in and that's OK?
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