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Thread: Powder trickler.

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    Powder trickler.

    I`ve been doing alot of homework recently in readiness for homeloading for my Steyr .243.
    Before i invest in one, is a powder trickler a must?
    Do it make measuring loads easier?

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    Are you (heaven forbid!) going to weigh each and every charge? If not, then a tea spoon might suffice to dribble a few granules of powder onto a scale when needed.~Muir

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    powder trickler

    I find a powder trickler a valuble piece of my reloading equipment, it makes load development much easier, i tried the teaspoon method and got very frustraited if you don't quite get it right,(To much or to little aaaaaaah)

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    I use the Lee dipper to charge the pan and as a trickler when needed but after a few dipps/charges I can almost judge by looking at the level in the dipper whether I need to trickle or not and in most cases I don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC
    I use the Lee dipper to charge the pan and as a trickler when needed but after a few dipps/charges I can almost judge by looking at the level in the dipper whether I need to trickle or not and in most cases I don't.
    That's the way to do it Unless of course you are chasing the ultimate in consistency for your competition loads, but for hunting Listen to Uncle EMcC and Grandpa Muir


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    Accuracy in shot placement is a product of hard work in load developement, & skills practiced regularly, why spoil any of it with guesswork or approximation?, If you don't get any satisfaction out of building your own ammunition, just buy factory, If boredom threatens, you have loaded enough rounds, tricklers are an indispensible item when accurizing thrown weights set on charge dispensers

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    Accuracy is undoubtedly improved due load development, and consistency in all matters related to reloading. However the most inconsistent part of the whole process of shot placement is the person pulling the trigger. Out stalking it is impossible to duplicate every shot in order to achieve the consistency of sitting at a bench.

    Now loading to bench rest standards is an obvious and beneficial aid in a hunting situation. However I still maintain that having an inch group at 100 yards is satisfactory when hunting, the error induced by shooting from differing positions will not be sufficient to put you outside of the kill zone of your quarry. If it is then you need to practice a lot more before attempting to shoot any live quarry, because then even one hole accuracy from the most carefully loaded rounds will not make you a better shot.

    I think that too many novices are put off of becoming reloaders because they feel that the best of kit and the tightest of groups is necessary. I doubt that the commercial ammunition that they normally use would fare any better than their "hunting" reloads. Start off by reaching your main objective, producing rounds that you can use to hunt deer with. Then there is nothing to stop you chasing tighter groups and better consistency and obtaining and using better kit. I know that when I first started reloading my very first rounds that I produced outperformed the factory loads. Now overtime I have acquired several loved and respected powder throwers, trickler etc and chased the teeny weeny groups via the consistency route. However as I only hunt with my reloads, and am secure in the knowledge that they are sub MOA and any bad shots are down to me and not the kit, I am content. I use Lee dippers for my reloading, now I don't consider this guesswork or approximating in relation to the amount of powder, and boredom I can assure you is not an issue with my reloading. What I do know is that by using a dipper I can throw load after load that is consistent enough to make no difference, the variation in MV and ES when measured over a chrony is nothing to cause concern, so I am happy. Then I can go and practice using these reloads because trigger time is the most efficient aid to shot placement that I know.


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    Hi John, My post was not an attempt to devalue others posts, or meant to dissuade the new reloader from trying his/her hand, but more a cautionary note, as you are a reloader yourself you would be aware that a dipper, (I use them ) can be loaded to differing states just by pressures applied in use, and just looking at a dipper load in the pan isn't enough, used in conjunction with an electronic scale or balance beam, the trickler will enhance accuracy in charge weights & therefore also safety, these tools are themselves not foolproof, & waiting for things to settle is an important part of reloading, some electronic scales can give different readings/values at different air temperatures & battery states. Steve.

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    All that I would say as with all aspects of shooting you will only get out of it what you put in, a trickler is not very expensive,go on break out.

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    If you want a powder trickler I will look for the one I have, that I don't use, and if you pm me your address I will send it to you.
    You can then feel safe in the knowledge that you are now, or will be, a member of the 'Powder Trickler's Association'.
    For many years I had no access to scales, tricklers or Chrono's all I used was a powder dipper, some folk I knew used home made powder dippers out of shell cases.
    As far as I can remember no one suffered a blow up/out or near miss and all got on with the job of shooting Deer.
    The 'Lee loader' works on the same principle and was used, probably still is, all over the world.

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