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Thread: Sauer 200 vs Sako 75.Finnbear in .270??

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    Sauer 200 vs Sako 75.Finnbear in .270??

    Any one have any knowledge of these 2 rifles as I've now got the chance to get one or the other. Sako for 550 and Sauer for 850 including Mod, rings a a scope (no details on scope I'm afraid but I would change it in due course.)

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    The Sako that you mention is not a 75 model it's an L61R finnbear, these were produced around the late 70's early 80's.

    The early Sako's are excellent rifles and the quality of the actions far exceeds the Sako rifles in production today.

    If the Sako is in very good condition then the price is about right otherwise, I would make an offer.

    I'd opt for the Sako if it's all origional.


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    The "R" I believe is designating a right hand version ,the left hand has only a number following AV ? Also second hand Sako's usually far exceed the listed prices for most calibres. This example would probably fetch nearer 700/800 in the right sale room. I remember taking a Sako .243 down to York on spec while travelling with friends, I thought she'd make 450 ish, the guy plunged straight in@ 600, needless to say I agreed!

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    I had a sauer in .308 sold it earlyer this year,realy good rifle had it screw cut and P.E.S mod on it.A very accurate rifle never had any problems with it,shot fox roe sika and reds with it. I also handloaded for it and it was very hard to find an inacurate load for it though it would not stabilize 110gr bullets,the wood was beutiful and came up well with a bit of oil and no matter the weather not a bit of rust the blue was very deep,I only sold it because of the wieght and the overall size of it,buy it and you will not be disapointed.P.S. just watch the forend for it should freefloat if not take the sling swivel out insert the allen key that should come with the rifle remove the forend and remove some of the wood reaseal and reasemble.

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    Sako vs Sauer

    I use a Sauer 202 Outback and a 75 Finnlight, both great rifles in their own right, basically it comes down to personal preference, you wont go wrong with either of the above rifles.

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    The confusion reigns with both sounding like good rifles if a little on the older side. I think it's going to have to be a side by side comparison and see which feels best.
    Thanks for all the help, Ihad hoped that it would put me out of my misery, I guess that will only happen when I plunge for one, set it up and produce some good results.....

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    A Sauer 200 is a good old rifle, a neighbour here has one with a couple of barrels. However, they are a bit "clunky" compared to the newer 202, the action in particular could loose a lot of bulk, and the safety is odd.

    I think for a first rifle, the Sako is a simpler and better choice.

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