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Thread: Where to get Miscanthus Rhizomes for wind breaks

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    Where to get Miscanthus Rhizomes for wind breaks

    Im looking at putting in some wind breaks along bits of game cover and woods etc and plan on using miscanthus. Im not allowed to use artichokes and i dont fancy using willow so plan on using 6' wide breaks of the Miscanthus.

    Im looking for a few hundred rhizomes but am struggling to find any.. Any idea where i can find some? or any other similar types of grass/plant which available?

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    We use it a lot on our shoot I am going to transplant some for another small plot on one of our Brooke drives .as soon as the plough gets here I will lift a trailer full with help from the beaters we are a fair way from you though .
    i got all our elephant grass cut this year as it does get thick running the plough through it keeps it down for a year or two I love it and really rate it as a cover ,it's like having a small spinney .

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    Where did you get your miscanthus from in the first place? Does it spread as quickly as things like artichokes?

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    We had some part of a large growing project for bio fuel and the boss's mate had the contract to plant it ,we had some planted in game cover size plots .it doesn't so much spread as tiller out after cutting giving a very dry bottom even in this years wet season .

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    Thanks for the info.. In fairness, im really stuggling to get hold of any and could probably sort a trip out down south to pick some up if you had some spare to sell?

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    Try kings game cover people, they should be able to help.

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    Don't see why not ,that shouldn't be a problem I'll ask the boss .

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    I know someone who supplies them in Devon but perhaps a bit far.

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    David bright seed supply miscanhtus plants. google them. I had some last year. have you given any consideration to reed canary grass thats good stuff to

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