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    sako 85

    Just thought I would post a couple of pics of this I picked up yesterday!
    Cant wait to get it zeroed in today and get out. I am very pleased with it and very impressed with the build quality.

    Regards Steve [img]


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    Nice rifle Steve! Have you had it out on the range yet? What calibre is it?

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    sako 85

    Hi Craig

    Yes all zeroed in shooting nice groups with the sako 123grains. its 308 hopefully get plenty of use on our local boar population soon!!!

    Regards Steve

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    What model scope is it mate ?

    Looks a brill setup How much the rifle set you back ?
    n how much for the scope ?

    Im hoping to pick up a similar setup and book some stalking Think I'll have to do my DSC first though before my FEO give it to me lol

    Why you choose 308 ?

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    Bigthug, sorry to answer on Bordersman's behalf, but I would say the scope is a Swaro 8x50 by the proportions of it. Just about the perfect stalking scope in my opinion, but i am biased.

    If the rifle, mod and scope were all bought new, and they look like it, I doubt there was any change out of 2 grand.

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    Nice set up Steve, I am a big Sako fan. I use the 123grn sako factory load in my 75 at the moment and it is an accurate and effective round but I would not use it on a boar. You have probably already thought of this but I just thought that I would mention it. Best wishes, JC

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    sako 85

    Hi Guys

    Its 308 so I can use it on our local boar down here in east sussex.
    The 123 sako' s shot 1" groups so Im happy with that..
    The scope is 8x56 which I luckily had agreed in Chris Potters before the price increases.
    There was no change from 2k!!! But well worth it I wouldnt go any other rifle now..
    123 wont be used on the boar though got something much bigger for those monsters!!

    Regards All Steve

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    Thats looking good Steve

    Cracking set up..

    Dont forget to bring it down to Poole for a swap


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    I like the finish on that moderator. What make/model is it? Nice rifle by the way. I've got one just like it on order in 6.5x55. The wait's killing me.

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