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Thread: Help Tikka M65 .308

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    Help Tikka M65 .308

    I feel a bit stupid but I need a favour.

    we striped down my tikka the other night, put all the parts safely on to a magnetic plate, gave it a good clean started to rebuild it all got it all back together, it was late took it home throught I better just test everything works ok, found the safety is locking the bolt but not the trigger, stripped it down again and found I seem to have misplaced a small part from inside the trigger assembly not sure how.

    So phoned my mate and said can he check the mag plate and the floor, nothing.. Bugger bugger bugger..

    The part I have lost is bit number 27

    What I am looking for is somebody that might have a tikka with the same trigger block that could take a photo of this part or let me come and take a few measurement of it so I can make a new one.

    or does anyone know where I can get spares for a tikka from



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    You may be lucky with GMK, they can order older Tikka parts, and there are several parts "kits" available to overhaul worn or wearing parts, Chambers may also be able to help.

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    So nobody on her has a tikka M65

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    The most likely time it got misplaced would be when you dismantled it so take another look around where you did that - Use a big magnet & run it everywhere that may pick it up even if you can't see it - then start looking under & behind things - it must be there somewhere! Also get different people to look - When I lost bits when mending stuff I used to get the missus to look & she always found things - even if she didn't know exactly what she was looking for!

    Good luck with your search.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pg2008 View Post
    So nobody on her has a tikka M65
    I have two. They're very reliable.

    They probably wouldn't be if they were taken apart by an amateur like me. I know my limitations.
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    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    We have emptied the work shop swept it with a magnet. Have come to the concultion it was stolen by a small monkey.. so now its time to make one. As I phoned the tikka importers today and got told it to old get spares for..

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    All Fixed, new part made and tested work like a dream.

    thanks for help......

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