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Thread: 222 rifle

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    222 rifle

    How good is Remington bdl 222 .

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    I wasn't impressed with the one I shot down the range for the day, crap trigger, not a very smooth action i think you can get better for your money IMO ......

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    I bought one couple of months back put a timney trigger in it just had it screw cut and modded
    went out yesterday with some home loads getting just under 1/2 inch groups at a hundred
    pleased with it regards pete

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    I have a Remington 722 (the predecessor of the 700) that my maternal grandfather bought new in 1958 . This past summer I shot some 50 grain Hornady SX with BL-C2 loads I loaded for him about 15 years ago . I had lightened the trigger to about 12 ounces and mounted a nice old Redfield 6-18 of 1970's vintage . Anyway I shot a 3 shot group at 100 yards that was a 1/4" .

    I have had a couple older Remington 700BDL Varmint Specials that were made in the late 70's .One of them shot a three shot group last summer at 100 yards that was .075 " after you deducted the diameter of the bullet . I've never owned one of these BDL Varmint Special rifles that didn't shoot after some load work and of course a decent glass and trigger .

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    I gave one away a couple of years back... and I don't give away bad rifles.~Muir

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    I used a BDL delux years back, the only thing i could'nt get to grips with was the high gloss finish,
    a great wee round which I'm sure many will agree.
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    You Brits may or may not be aware of this but "The Premier" benchrest setup for years before the PPC's came out , was a Remington 722/700/40X action with a big fat stainless barrel in 222 REM .

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    cracking calibre, inherently accurate.

    rifle builder/manufacturer is important in many ways. and all i will say on that front is,................i have never owned a Remington rifle and never will.

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    The 222 REM is probably THE biggest reason I was never a 223/5.56 person .

    I grew up on the 222 REM and therefore never had much use for the 223 . Although I have owned several that shot wonderfully the 223 never grew on me the way the Triple Deuce has !

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    .222 is brilliant, but everyone I have ever come across who owns a Remington rifle, has had to modify it,, usually a lot. I mean, why would you buy a rifle and put up with having to change everything but the action and barrel to get a decent gun !??

    My Tikka M595 is standard, and one of the nicest I`ve ever shot.

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