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Thread: Dangers of gralloching in stalking ground

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    Dangers of gralloching in stalking ground

    I had a bit of a thought today......

    If I have areas of deer that I know to be good stalking ground for one reason or another and cull an animal in that spot, by gralloching the deer am I running into the danger that the gralloch itself will make deer sensitive due to the smell of offal?

    If anyone has clear evidence of this please let me know and also would you recommend carrying the deer well away from that area before gralloching?
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    Hi Ronan Yes.
    gralloch it well away from that area.

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    i shot a pricket a couple of years ago, i gralloched it on the spot then dragged it up to the jeep, as i put it into the back i looked back down and saw 3 or 4 more prickets standing sniffing at the gralloch

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    Really? It never seems to make a blind bit of difference on ground I've shot on. There's one particular very small patch of woodland on my shoot that I repeatedly shoot deer in almost every time I go, and I always gralloch them where I shoot.
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    I cant think is made any difference on my ground ,foxes/badgers or carrion demolish the gralloch in no time its always gone next day and deer still around, would be nice to hear others thaughts, atb wayne
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    I deal with the deer where I shoot them and I open up the gralloch so it breaks down quickly I have never noticed deer avoiding these areas


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    I usually just throw it in the nearest burn........
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    If anything it attracts them as they are naturally curious creatures. You will often get another deer come and sniff around one you have just shot, especially muntjac. Certainly doesn't put them off. They are a prey species and view life and death much differently to what we do.

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    To be on the safe side I would remove the deer from said area and gralloch elsewhere.
    If it did make a difference it may be a method of moving deer from unshootable to shootable Areas.
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    Never had it make any difference in scaring the deer,and actually we have watched roe many times making a beeline to the smell of a gralloch,and having a good smell at it.

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