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Thread: Anyoneao experience with apple tasting salt licks and mollasses?

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    Anyoneao experience with apple tasting salt licks and mollasses?

    A friend and I were out stalking last week and with the bad weather and a bitter easterly wind making conditions not so perfect.......

    But on the plus side we took the time to lay apple salt licks and poured mollasses over several posts and smooth trees with the attractants donated by my brother who recently lost his point to point thoroughbred.

    Actually, let me digress as I have to mention how my brother lost his horse.....

    One day my brother asked me to give him a pull out with his hunting dogs so we road walked them for about 10 miles just chatting away. Mid walk he turned and said to me " bad news bro, I just lost Zafine (the mare)".

    "Awww man, no way, what happened?" I said.

    "I have no idea, I came down to feed her the other day and she was lying drowned in the pond".

    So as me and my brother walked on debating if he was going to get another horse and how he was going to break the news to his girlfriend we came on a man parked up with wire-haired pointers. Being a stalking fanatic I had to get a look at the dogs and as we exchanged small talk, he began to elaborate that a few days ago and 8 miles away his dogs cornered a racehorse and put it at bay in a pond. He also went into great detail how impressed he was with his dogs in stalking it before hand.

    As my brother grit his teeth I kindly told him that if he wanted to end up the same way as the horse he should move on as it was my brother's pride and joy.


    Anyway back to my main subject.......anyone had success with apple flavoured deer licks and mollasses at holding deer out of the cover for a few hours in the morning?

    If I take a walk up to my favourite ground tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn should I expect t see a few more than fact the last few outings have all been blank days so even one is a few more than usual.

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    Think it will take more than Afew weeks for the deer to start using they. I've done the same with all my ground. Not really expecting to see anything using till summer.

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