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Thread: Level 2 Not Going So Well

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    Level 2 Not Going So Well

    Ok doing my L2 read all I can, get plenty of hands on carcasses so ive no problem doing it.
    So I was all set to meet my AW two weeks ago at his wood and get underway. The day before he called to say his daughter was not well and may have to go into hospital. No point making a fuss family comes first. In the end we cancelled it and rebooked
    Tuesday was my new day, got all my stuff ready Monday nigh. Had my dinner around 8pm, by 9 my roast lamb was not sitting well at all. By 10 I wished I hasn't eaten it. 11 I was sick as a pig and from then on till 4am I sent more time on the loo than in bed.
    I felt awfull my bottom was like a tap left on, so I thought I had to let the AW know. Around 2am I sent him a text, by 6 one returned saying not to worry.
    Got up at 10 on Tuesday and felt the AW deserved a phone call. On the phone I explained just from a health and hygiene point I would not have been able to attend today, I would have been very unprofessional of me and against to law. He agreed and say I had done the right thing even to the point he would put it in my portfolio.
    All booked in again, but it's nice to know that my AW is a real person living in the real world and I'm better.

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    Well its been Sh-it so far mate it can only improve from now on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Well its been Sh-it so far mate it can only improve from now on.

    Yes it's nice to hear.

    I'm bricking it and too scared to apply for DSC2 yet... So good luck with it Andrew

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    Quote Originally Posted by 270TOMMY View Post
    is she on her level2 as well
    i think she's been spending quite a bit of time on the to speak......

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    It's nice to hear that the skitter is not concerned by ones class and treats everyone with the same respect....

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    It can happen to anyone...Good luck for for your future outings...when you get there...

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