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    Well we have achieved over 2000 signed up members I know someone will now say " yes but some of them never post and some of them have been taken off"

    My answer is that it just shows despite what some members have said or implied through Emails to us, the Stalking Directory is still going from strength to strength. I know we have our moments, and niggles but its like a family, you aint gonna keep everyone happy all the time

    All I can say is that on behalf of all the Admin team, thank you for your loyal support and thank you to everyone on here that puts in the time and effort to help other fellow stalkers out, whether they are novices or old hands, we all need to stick together and its the main reason why we bought the site in the first place.

    Here's to the next 2000 members

    Cheers everyone, good hunting

    Sikamalc, JAYB and Mark ( The Admin team)

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    Well done Malc , JAYB and Mark

    Thanks for putting the effort in that has made this site the great forum that it is..

    The site has been invaluable in introducing me to new opportunities and elevating my stalking knowledge..

    I have been fortunate to meet some great members that have given their time, knowledge and hospitality time and again.

    And more importantly i have met a good many people sharing a interest, business,hobby call it what you will that have become great friends..

    Great site and im luvin it


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    Cheers guys , the membership is helping me loads,

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    Well I have to say guys that I frequent 4 or 5 forums on a regular basis & SD is the one I look at first every day.

    Well done & keep up the great work its certainly appreciated.


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    Great site its the only one i can bothered with,learnt loads from it,even if it is slow at times it doesnt worry me.Keep up the good work and congratulations
    ATB Neil

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    This site has been a revelation! I've learned a huge amount, corresponded and met with some great people and had a lot of fun.

    We (or at least me) tend to use the site without thinking of all the hard work that's gone into establishing, maintaing and running it, so many thanks to the Admin team.


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    well done everyone
    i too have met and spoken to some nice guys on the forum .
    long may it continue . pete .

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    well done

    Yep totally agree with all the above sentiments,this is the only site worth bothering with in my humble opinion many thanks for a great site guys,we really do need to stick together,bet the antis who no doubt moniter us must wish they had the kind of comoradre we have!!!! long may it continue. HORNET

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    I only signed up a couple of months ago, but think this is a great site...if just a bit too addictive! It will certainly be my first reference point if thinking about buying a new bit of kit. The other members I've met are all great guys, and I'm very grateful to those who keep the SD running.

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    Have to say it is my favourite website bar none, only joined this year, but the amount of tips and information i have picked up from using the site has been very valuable.

    The one thing that i like about the site is that there is a variety of topics discussed whethter your interested in dogs, reloading, clothing or African hunting there is a section that caters for everones needs.

    There is a wealth of information on the site provided by the members, i especially like reading stag1933's posts, especially the old photos that he posts from times past.

    The site seems to be going from strength to strength which can only be a good thing for deer stalking.

    Also like to thank the admins for the work they put into running the site.


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