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Thread: DSC1 or Stalking

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    DSC1 or Stalking

    Right guys, help me make a decision.

    Me and a mate of mine that have been stalking together for about 5 years have been talking about doing our level 1.
    we nearly booked it but then I had to drop out because of work commitments.
    My big issue is that 2 of my mates that have both done the level 1 say i'll be wasting my time.
    I don't get chance to do a lot of stalking and for what the DSC 1 costs i could probably get another staling trip in.
    I fancy a go at some red hinds.

    So help me out, do I book the DSC1 course in shropshire this Sept, or do I scout round to try and get me and my mate a couple of days stalking.

    What do you think? Ezzy

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    Do the level 1.

    It will give you more credibility in somes eyes. Then when we are at the march and shoot we will sort out getting you some stalking.


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    Have a look at these . . .

    . . . and if they don't cause you too much grief just sign up for the assessment and spend the difference on those hinds.

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    Go for the level 1. Then the next time you go stalking you can get witnessed for level 2 at the same time .

    I bet someone told your mates that they were wasting their time ,but they still did it !

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    level 1

    Do the level 1, it will serve you well in the end. Do the assessment only and then you will have a couple of hundred quid left over for stalking. Could rutle up a handbook for you, if your mates have done it they should be able to give you a dry run too.

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    Hi ezzy6.5

    You will definately come away from the level 1 having learnt something and as ruki says will give you the credibility that will in turn open up more opportunities for stalking.

    As you can see on the forum opportunities some list a level one as a minimum requirement to stalk with them..

    Go for your level 1 and 2 is my advice as will be finishing my level 2 shortly


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    I say go for the level 1 , I did mine a fortnight ago and i will admit it I quite enjoyed it , I had no intention of doing mine but decided after all the hype about it maybe becoming compulsary in the future just to get it done, and of course once you do level one you will want to progress to level2 I have booked some stalking already to start my protfollio.
    Go for it and the best of luck to you it's not that hard .

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    Do the level 1, for all the reasons outlined above. Plus you will undoubtedly learn something about deer that you didn't know

    Typically poeple get out of the Level 1 what they put into it. If you go there thinking it will be a waste of time you'll get little from it, whereas if you go there wanting to learn about deer, and to meet like-minded people, you will enjoy it. It might even lead directly to some stalking possibilities


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    Someone asked a similar, 'is it worth my mate doing DSC1' type question on another forum just the other day so I have copied my reply here (I think the chap was being denied a deer rifle variation unless he did the course or agreed to be 'Mentored'):

    I hear quite a few people knocking the DMQ system and DSC1 courses but nine times out of ten those people have never done it so are only basing thier opinion on heresay. On the tenth occaision you usually find out that the person has done a two day, fast track type course, usually with an independant training provider that no-one has heard of, where they don't actually teach anything just coach you through the tests. The person is happy to do this just to get the certificate but then goes on to spend the rest of their life telling everyone how they never learnt anything on the DSC1 course!! I don't recall ever having met anyone, both novices and experienced stalkers, who have done a 'proper' DSC1 course and didn't find it interesting and useful. If people think that the cost (about 280 if I recall correctly) is too high then I suggest that look at courses of a similar duration in other fields, I think they would be pleasantly supprised. To sumarise, I would never suggest argeeing to be 'mentored', you are as good as saying that you need your hand holding, if the Police don't think that you are suitable and safe to hold and use a firearm then they should revoke your FAC. If your friend wants (and has the time and energy to) pick a fight with his local Police then, as a couple of other people have said, he should challenge the FEO's decision. Realistically I suggest that he goes and books a DSC1 course with the BDS or BASC and if he comes away having not learnt anything then I will send him a free pack of venison sausages as compensation for my poor advice! JC

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    I would also add that if you are comparing doing a DSC1 course with paying for stalking outings then I don't think that you will get a great deal of hind stalking for 280. Go on the course, you will still get four days away, a few beers and a bit of banter with likeminded people. Just like a stalking trip really? Willie hit the nail on the head when he said you get out what you put in. Best wishes, JC

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