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Thread: EKA swingblade

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    EKA swingblade

    I bought this to make kydex around it. The handle was shot to pieces so it has brand new black scales on it, the blade is stratched but I have sharpened it. It also has a coyote brown kydex sheath with a large tek lok.

    The scales were 22 from Casstrom,the tek lok is a tenner, the kydex is on me so I'll just ask 65 for it please.

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    Hi Dougster,

    I have a swingblade and like it a lot. Didn't know you could get replacement scales from Casstrom as the handle is one of the things I like about it. Wonder if swingblade sales could be used on another blade.

    Good luck with the sale, that's a fair price.


    ps... tried but can't find the scales on Casstrom site, is there a link you could put up?
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    This is a swingblaze that I trashed the orange scales on so swapped them for black I bought from Casstrom, the UK importers of EKA and where EKA sent me to get scales. You can see the remaining orange spacer at the back. The steel is AUS 8 and the whole thing (inc new scales_ are genuine EKA.


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    Hi Richard

    I will have it for 50. Add it to the pile and hopefully we can sort this side of Easter.


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    Sorry Mike, dashed out stalking last night and didn't mark it already sold.

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