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Thread: Defender vs Hi Lux vs Navara

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    Defender vs Hi Lux vs Navara

    Probably been done before and if it has if someone can point me in the right direction we can stop here. If not whats the views on these vehicals

    off road capapbilities
    Road handling
    etc etc

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    Hilux and Navara win over Defender on MPG, Comfort and road handling (pretty non existent in all 3 though.). Landy with the right rubber on would probably beat hilux/navara on off road capabilities. Defender and hilux win on least depreciation and defender/hilux have got to be best on reliability.

    If i didnt have any long journeys, i would have another defender but driving even the TDCI on long journeys was less than comfortable compared to the hilux.

    I have a 56 hilux 2.5lt and with the new GG ATs on and a truckman back, it does avg 34mpg all day long. Contrary to popular belief, the truckman back on it reduces MPG as the weight of it negates any aerodynamic positives..

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    I have a navara and its been in some boggy places believe me and always gets its self out without the need of a excavator but the old Navaras are better the new ones seem too car like if you know what I mean compared to the older version if that's any help but can't comment on hilux as never driven one
    Atb joe

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    Hi mate

    Got to agree with Flyfisherman on his post.

    Having owned a defender and now a Hilux I would choose the Toyota every time.

    Im getting 30-34mpg with Hilux compared to 25mpg with defender.

    A defender on the right tyres is unbeatable but not the most comfortable especially heading north in the cold winter days.

    I have BF Goodrich AT tyres on my Hilux and they have served me very well so far.

    For towing the defender is more than capable of towing anything road legal. If towing a lot I would go for a 3ltr engine in a Hilux.

    No experience of Navara but they are getting dated and have not had a real facelift since being first introduced and reliability seems to be an issue.



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    Depends on what age vehicles were talking about, I had an older defender 90 was cold, unreliable, uncomfortable, uneconomical etc etc but good off road......

    my woman has a 2008/2009 Defender Puma 90 which is the complete opposite and an awesome bit of kit, but hellishly expensive that's the only downside as far as I can see...

    i have a newish L200 which I adore it's perfect for mine and my dogs needs its never put a foot wrong on or off road with decent off road in tyres it's never been stuck, but bare in mind that I live in Norfolk which is as flat as a pancake, how it would perform ooop north I wouldn't like to comment......

    out of those mentioned depending on age for me would be the Hilux but if it was a modern defender 2008/9 + like my woman's then go for that, shy away from the Navara if it were me personally....

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    I have recently ordered a new landy to replace the one I currently have, it has been very reliable, especially when compared with the 2 navara's and xc90 that my brother has owned during the same time. Landy's are better off road, but less comfortable than the others, especially if you are big.

    My old one is for sale: 08 reg 110 hardtop with pro built load bay bulkhead and ply lined load bay. 106000 miles, FSH. OIRO 9500inc VAT.

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    I have had all 3 of these vehicles. My Toyota was a Hi lUx Surf I had for 3 years and sold to my brother who still has it in his family. My Nissan Navara was a 2006 which I had for 4 years and again sold to my brother only last week.
    Both the Jap vehicles proved ultra reliable and need almost absolutely nothing done to them. I was aware of the dubious reputation of the Nissan engine when I bought it but mines was faultless. I reckon for every owner who goes online with a problem there are many thousands who are happy you never hear about. Nissan did have an extended warranty on the engine so I had reassurance there I suppose.
    The Defender however very quickly became a second car due to reliability issues and in less than a year it was sold on!
    For reasons beyond my comprehension, the Defenders fetch silly money but I spent an absolute fortune on mine ( and did not offer that one to my brother!) In my opinion there is nothing to choose between the Japanese and it would be down to purely personal preference between them.

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    Defender is the heart's choice. I had one but being 6'2 could not get comfy and it was freezing cold, hopeless heater and as airtight as a sieve.

    I go for one of the Japanese or, a P38 Rangie for about 4k as a leftfield choice if your mileage is small

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    I like defenders and owned half a dozen of them, at the moment have a ground up rebuild job with some trick off road suspension bits, it will go almost anywhere but the hd suspension is solid you feel every road stone if you hit a pot hole its like beng on a bucking bronco !
    Its quite good on fuel around 27mpg, to be fair a hilux would serve me better i would set a winch up on the back to pull big carcasses in and all the blood smell and ticks could stay in the rear tub

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    Had Landrovers for years not most economical on fuel not very comfortable on road or long journeys. Now had a Hilux 2.5 HL2 with truck man back for 6 years. I've put Mastercraft courser tyres on 17" wheels getting 30-34 mpg comfortable on road and been everywhere my defender went. Can't comment on Navara but 3 mates who bought them now drive the Hilux!

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