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Thread: Hello from Norfolk

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    Hello from Norfolk

    Hi there.

    I have recently got my FAC and have purchased a CZ455 .22LR rimfire for rabbiting on our property.

    I have just started deerstalking, and took my first, a CWD, 1st March. So I am sure I'll be asking the constabulary for a variation for a stalking rifle before long! Got a stalk organised for Thetford Forest in early April.

    I find that researching and getting all the gear is almost as much fun as the hunting. Not sure the missus is quite so impressed when she sees the bills though....!

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    Welcome, should we assume from the lotus reference you are based wymondham direction.......? Well done on the Cwd, good first to get, was it a buck or a doe?

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    ALL the very best and welcome to sd

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks to you all.

    I am in the Watton-Hingham area, Scoulton to be precise.

    The CWD was a buck, we were in Bedfordshire, near Ridgemont, which is of course not far from the Duke of Bedford's estate where I believe the original CWDs escaped from...

    I was borrowing the guide's .22-250 rifle.
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