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Thread: rising cost of ammunition

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    rising cost of ammunition

    Jees the stuff gets more expensive by the week. Just payed £12.50 for 50 HMR, thank god I home load the .243

    Starting to work out about the same per shot, what with HMR being 25p a shot

    A mate of mine has had a lot of trouble getting 130gn 270. He had to wait weeks for it.
    Reckon its all drying up

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    20 308 150 grain BT bullets £27.99. That was the price when I was up in Scotland last year. £18.99 for the same bullets in Warwickshire!
    What can be done though!

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    loading your own stuff seems to make more and more sense.

    Glad I spent the £100 on a reloading kit last year. Hit the gamefairs now and get cheaper components and plenty of em

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    The best thing to do is stock-up when you have the chance.
    A few days ago I went down country with a friend to check over a rifle for him.
    Whilst there I found they had Fed. Match primers in stock so I took a 1000 into custody. We have none in this area at present so now I can help other friends out.
    The .270 rifle is getting bad-mouthed on a few sites by many who have never had one and know little about it.
    Again if at a Game Fair or away on hols. somewhere, take your cert. with you as you may find stock. I had problems getting .270 Speer 130gr bullets but found a dealer who had some very old stock 140gr Hornady Spire Points in stock so I took them at a bargain price.
    They shot half-an-inch higher on the target and kill well with little carcase damage so I have been using them instead.
    Be like a squirrel and store your nuts for a bleak, hard time ahead.

    A happy and prosperous New Year to all.


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    l think the Chinese economy goes a long way to blame for all this they are consuming raw material quicker than it can produced/processed, l have a friend who buys about 100tones of 99.9% lead a year and the price he pays has increased 5 fold its slowly putting him out of business as you cant put your own rates up 5 fold.

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    The price of base metals has risen rapidly over the last year.

    I'm gonna stock right up on components, to not have ammo would be like not having air

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    hi poddle
    not sure where you are but i use norman clarke guns in rugby and pete starley in warwick they stock most things between them and will do there best to get it if not in stock prices are pretty good with both and norman does quite a few shows
    i just bought 300 nosler solid base 180 grain heads .308 cal for £31.50
    from clarke, stuff he had hidden amongst all the clutter
    search and ye shall find

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    I have loaded my own for a number of years now, and it does save money, and its always satisfying knowing the animals that you take are with the bullets you loaded.

    All I can say is that if any of you guys get a chance to go to the states, make sure you take your certificates with you. You can buy any type of head you like out there for very little money. And over the past years I have managed to stock up with all of the calibres I have. I also bought a whole RCBS loading kit plus two die sets for under half what it cost in this country.

    It also true to say that the CLA fair can turn up some good deals if you look. We managed to buy the last lot of 155grain heads by Sako two years ago for our Moose hunting in Finland. Although we also managed to buy some more whilst in Finland. Stag 1933 and Poddle have the right idea 100%.

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    Gonna stock up, trouble is yet again the amount I can by in one transaction, I still have to have the bullet heads put on my FAC, so I'm still limited to 100 heads.
    Or do I simply go back and hour or so later and by some more HE HE

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    Stag1933 wrote;

    The .270 rifle is getting bad-mouthed on a few sites by many who have never had one and know little about it.

    I was not having a knock at the .270 Stag, just commenting on the ammo situation. Each to their own, a dead deer is a dead deer.


    regards Poddle

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