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Thread: FREE STALK COMPETITION how far did it run ?

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    FREE STALK COMPETITION how far did it run ?

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	25966 I shot this Roe doe on tusday.You can guess how far it went, if two guess the same i will measure it to the inch.You can enter the distance competition only once.You will have to take the free cull animal stalk this month only.The funniest comment will also get a free cull stalk, roe or fallow.I will have the right to cancel or change conditions.There is no gurantee that you will shoot an Animal. All wellcome you must have your own insurance.
    You have till tuesday evening to enter. good luck THE LINE HAS NOW CLOSED.

    The winner of the distance @ 36 yards or 32.9 meters entry No 104 mereside.
    The winner of the best comment won because it reminded me of another joke.
    My mate would not Divorce his wife because he didn't want to kiss her goodbye.
    is entry No 21 iainfarthing. please pm me to make arrangements for your stalk.
    The Roe Doe was shot like this. I was sitting in a high seat looking out in front when i heard a dog barking in the woods behind me. A few minutes later two roe came running out the woods and stopped . They were not settled and as i moved they saw me. The doe was standing perfect for a good chest shot i had to make the decision get my gun and shoot or wait and see if they settled. I Decided to go for it. Put the crosshairs on the spot and squeezed the trigger. I saw the hair fly so the shot looked good, but they both ran away.Then the Doe keeled over @36 yards.The shot went through the lungs without hitting any ribs.To be honest with them seeing me and so little damage, i would have thought it would have gone further.
    The Wnners will Have a day or they can give the day to a friend or novice.
    Meet at 3pm walk some of the ground you will be able to choose a high seat for the evening stalk.
    If Novice we can arrange for your needs.If you choose Roe only young Does on the cull plan.
    Thanks for all your replies. Good fun!
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    35m unless of course it was shot with a 17 HMR and then it would be -2m lol

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    if this roe was shot in devon then it went 4.5 meters if it was shot in cornwall then it went all my fingers plus my 4 thumbs

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    Hi, 15.5m

    Only reason i say that is that i reckon my last 5/6 roe have all gone about the same distance and most have had lungs that looked like that.

    If i do win pass it on to someone else

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    87.5m Fantastic idea.

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