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Thread: England at Cardiff this afternoon

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    England at Cardiff this afternoon

    a joke

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    Wales were well worth the win, England were well worth the comedy value.

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    Just heard the temp is to be -27c in England tonight...


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    Building for 2015, but completely outplayed by the Welsh (all 74,022 of them) who showed their experience and how to win when it matters...

    LV= Cup tomorrow - COYQ!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard577 View Post
    a joke
    Why the singular? ...

    'Iechyd da!' to the Boyos, well done.

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    Wales defeated England in a fast and open game.We sang 'Cwm Rhondda' and 'Delilah', damn, they sounded both the same.We sympathised with an Englishman whose team was doomed to failSo we gave him that old bottle, that once held bitter ale!He started singing hymns and arias,'Land of my Fathers', 'Ar hyd y nos'.

    Wales defeated |England 30 points to 3. We sent them home to twickes with their tails between their legs, and we were singing hymns and arias, 'Land of my Fathers', 'Ar hyd y nos'.

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    what can i say well chuffed with that performance, one occasion i don't mine going to work monday now i live in england

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    And as as its a joke thread

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    I was in at my Mother in Law's Cardiff and settling in to watch the Irish game with my son, daughter and her boyfriend. My sister in law and her boyfriend were already down in the city centre enjoying corporate hospitality. The phone rang and was answered by my daughter who suddenly started squeaking and jumping around in high excitement. My sister in law had apparently got the offer of three tickets and did anyone want them? To cut a long story short my two kids and my daughter's boyfriend (England supporter) hightailed it off to the station for a short ride into town leaving me to watch the game by myself. What did I get? I got the privilege of buying Sunday lunch for my sister in law et al in payment for tickets that I never saw

    Having said that the look on the kids faces when they got back was worth it - the experience of a lifetime, one of the great games to be added to the games of legend. They even made my daughter's boyfriend wear a Welsh shirt on the journey home. I was in Wembley the last time we robbed a similarly arrogant English team of the Grand Slam so I too have similar memories.

    The Welsh outplayed England in every position and only the English locks and Brown on the wing came out with any credit. Wales find it easy to get motivated for England at any time but the arrogance of some commentators and players must have really fired them up and they were just too physical for England, themselves a physical team, who must have known they were in trouble from the first scrum, even the replacement Welsh front row destroyed their opposition, and the die was cast. No Welsh player made a single serious mistake and the result was a record score for the fixture in Wales' favour instead of the expected (by many) Grand Slam. Over the tournament Wales scored the most tries, conceded the least, had no try scored against them since the 45th minute of the first game, won the most penalties at the scrum and Halfpenny hasn't missed a tackle (or dropped a catch) in around 900 minutes of international rugby, that's why we are champions again.

    Make no mistake, the English team are potentially very good but, despite the idiot Inverdale trying to compare them with the RWC winners of 2003, they are not there yet by a long chalk and this crushing defeat will do them a lot of good in the long term but this will be an open sore for a while that some may never get over properly.
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